UDeCOTT Procurement

Pre Qualification Process

Vendors who wish to tender for the provision of services to UDeCOTT for the provision of construction, maintenance and consultancy services must first become pre-qualified with the Corporation. Only pre-qualified Vendors would be eligible to tender and will be considered and evaluated for the award contracts with UDeCOTT.

UDeCOTT Procurement Process

Opportunities to become pre-qualified for a specified period are advertised in each of the daily newspapers in Trinidad, as well as in the bi-weekly newspaper in Tobago. The public notice is also available for viewing at UDeCOTT’s website.

The aim of the pre-qualification exercise is to evaluate and determine the competency of Vendors to perform works and provide services to the Corporation at a performance level that is suitable and sufficient for the Corporation’s requirements. Prequalified Vendors will be classified according to their expertise and capability in specific work categories for specified financial ranges. The actual selection of the Vendor for the provision of particular works and/or services will be conducted pursuant to a competitive bidding process whereby the lowest qualified and responsive tenderer would be awarded a contract.

Every Pre-qualification Application must be submitted in the manner prescribed by the public notice. Other than as may occur in the ordinary course during scheduled site visits or pre-submission meetings, all communication between the Vendor and the Corporation during a pre-qualification or tender process shall be between Vendors and the Secretary to the Tenders Committee of the Corporation.

A Vendor who is pre-qualified has:

  • expressed an interest in tendering with the Corporation in order to be considered and evaluated to undertake particular categories of work
  • satisfied specific minimum requirements of the Corporation to be considered competent to undertake such work
  • been assessed as being capable of undertaking works within one or more specific categories of work
  • been approved to undertake works which are valued within certain specified financial ranges

Pre-qualification with the Corporation does not guarantee that a Vendor will be invited to submit a tender, nor does it guarantee the award of contracts.

UDeCOTT shall treat all information provided by Vendors in Pre-qualification Applications as confidential, except where otherwise required by law.


Only Applicants who have satisfied the following criteria will be eligible for pre-qualification:

  • Applicants (or parts thereof) incorporated or otherwise registered in Trinidad and Tobago and having a place of business located in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Foreign Applicants who are part of a joint venture or other registered and legally recognised arrangement with a registered Trinidad and Tobago partner, which partner must have a registered place of business in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Applicants who have provided all of the required documentation as outlined in the Pre-Qualification Application and summarised in Section 6.2 below
  • Applicants who have satisfied the pre-determined evaluation criteria as indicated in the Pre-qualification Application

Requirement Documents

Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Completed Questionnaire (including Appendices A-I)
  • Certificate of Registration, Incorporation and Continuance (as applicable)
  • Joint Venture Agreement (where applicable)
  • Valid Board of Inland Revenue Clearance Certificate
  • Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate or letter of exemption from the Board of Inland Revenue
  • VAT Registration Certificate or Statement of Ineligibility from the Board of Inland Revenue
  • Valid Value Added Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Valid National Insurance Board Clearance Certificate or letter of exemption from the Board of Inland Revenue
  • Organisational Chart
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) of key human resources  (including all relevant dates and signatures)
  • At least three (3) client references for major works completed within the last three years
  • Audited Financial Statements (signed by two Directors)/ Accountant’s Report (signed by one Director/Principals) for the financial years 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • Banker’s Letter (issued within the last 3 months)
  • Valid Insurance certificates (Contractor’s All Risk, Public Liability, Workmen’s Compensation, Professional Indemnity, etc., as applicable)
  • Valid Licenses and Permits (as applicable)
  • Risk Management and Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Environmental Management Policy and Procedures
  • Quality Assurance System Policy/Procedures
Vendor Categories

Vendors must satisfy the pre-determined evaluation criteria in the indicated categories and within the specified ranges in order to become pre-qualified.

At this time, Vendors may apply to become pre-qualified in the following main categories:

Small Contractors – less than $10M in Contract Value

  1. Janitorial Services
  2. Plumbing Services
  3. Electrical Services
  4. Electro-Mechanical Services
  5. Security Services
  6. Air Condition Maintenance Services
  7. Life Systems and BMS
  8. General Maintenance Services
  9. General Contractor Services

In each of the categories listed at a. to i. above, Vendors may be pre-qualified to undertake works which are valued within the following contract value ranges:

  • <$50K
  • $50K ≥ $100K
  • $100K ≥ $500K
  • $500K ≥ $1 mil
  • $1 mil ≥ $2 mil
  • $2 mil ≥ $5 mil
  • $5 mil ≥ $10 mil

Large Contractors – exceeds TT$10M in Contract Value

  1. Design-Build Contractors
  2. General Contractors

In each of the categories listed at a. to b. above, Vendors may be pre-qualified to undertake works which are valued within the following contract value ranges:

  • $10 mil < $40 mil
  • $40 mil ≥ $100 mil
  • $100 mil ≥ $500 mil
  •  > $500 mil


  1. Design Services
  2. Construction Administration Consultancy Services
  3. Quantity Surveying Services
  4. Insurance Brokerage Services
  5. Master Planning Services

In each of the categories listed at a. to e. above, Vendors may be pre-qualified to undertake works which are valued within the following contract value ranges:

  • $5 mil
  • $5 mil ≥ $10 mil
  • $10 mil ≥ $50 mil
  •  ≥ $50 mil

A separate Pre-qualification Application must be submitted by the Vendor in relation to each sub-category for which that Vendor seeks to be pre-qualified and each Application must contain all the information that is requested in relation to the individual sub-category.

The category limit for the Consulting Services is defined as the maximum estimated total contract value.


UDeCOTT’s pre-qualification evaluation process is conducted in 2 phases:

  1. Phase I – an examination of the Applicant’s compliance with the requirements of the Pre-qualification Application (along with site visit, if required)
  2. Phase II – an evaluation of the Applicant in the following areas:
    1.  Organisation
    2. Legal Requirements
    3. References
    4. Financial Capability
    5. Technical Competence and Support Infrastructure
Risk Management

An Applicant must achieve at least 50% of total points allocated to each criterion listed at 1-5 above as well as an overall percentage of at least 60% to be eligible for pre-qualification.

Notification of Status

The purpose of the assessment during the pre-qualification process is to determine whether the Vendor has demonstrated satisfactory and relevant qualifications, experience, competence and a good track record of performance in the categories for which pre-qualification is being sought. As a result, the Vendor may, in any category, be assessed as being:

  • Pre-qualified and eligible to be entered into the register for the provision of a specific category of works and within a specific financial category
  • Unsuitable for pre-qualification for the preferred financial category for the provision of a specific category of works, but otherwise pre-qualified to undertake works within a lower financial limit than the preferred financial category
  • Unsuitable for pre-qualification for the provision of any category of works in any financial category

Applicants are advised of the results of the assessment in writing and may apply at any time to be pre-qualified in a higher financial category than that which was specified in an existing pre-qualification, together with the relevant documentary evidence in support of such an application.


Any Applicant providing false and or misleading information will be rejected and not be invited to enter any arrangement or any contract offered by UDeCOTT permanently or for a fixed period of five (5) years. Any effort by an Applicant to influence any member of the evaluation committee shall result in the rejection of the Applicant.

Removal from pre-qualified database

Vendors may be removed from the pre-qualified database for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to perform satisfactorily (as explained in Section 15 below)
  2. Providing false or misleading information (as explained in Section 8.3 above)
  3. Engaging in unethical procurement practices including bribery, corruption or fraud
Maintaining pre-qualification status

Vendors who have been notified of their pre-qualified status will remain so pre-qualified with UDeCOTT for a period of three (3) years. The Vendor will be notified by UDeCOTT when its pre-qualification status is nearing an end. The Vendor will be required to submit an application for renewal, which must be supported by updated company information, including evidence of its financial capability, organisational structure, litigation status, experience and qualifications. This information must be duly submitted and upon completion of its assessment of the renewal application and updated supporting information, the Vendor will be advised by UDeCOTT in writing, of the status of its pre-qualification status.

Invitation to tender

As the need arises, and in the event that UDeCOTT is seeking to engage a Contractor or Consultant for the provision of goods, works or services in relation to that need, an invitation to tender will be extended only to those Vendors who have been pre-qualified by UDeCOTT.

UDeCOTT reserves the right to utilise a ranking system in order to determine which pre-qualified Vendors will be invited to make submissions in relation to the provision of any goods, works or services. The ranking system  shall be based in the first instance upon the scores achieved by the pre-qualified Vendors in the evaluation of their Pre-qualification Applications. These scores are subject to modification to include such scores as may be included thereafter by UDeCOTT in the assessment of a Vendor’s performance once that Vendor has been awarded a contract by UDeCOTT.

Pre-qualified Vendors will be invited to submit quotations or proposals, as the case may be. These quotations or proposals must be supported by all of the documents which are indicated as being required in the relevant invitation to tender. A working email address is a prerequisite to doing business with UDeCOTT, as all invitations to Tender will be issued electronically.

Evaluation Process

Quotations and proposals which are submitted by Vendors are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team at UDeCOTT. In the case of larger, more complex procurement, the team may also include Independent Consultants and/or Client representatives. The Evaluation Committee is guided in its deliberations and assessment by predetermined evaluation criteria, which is published to all proponents. Evaluation is based solely upon the information contained in the quotations and/or proposals as well as UDeCOTT’s due diligence.

Approval Process

Upon completion of the evaluation by the Evaluation Committee, a Tender Evaluation Report setting out the findings and recommendations of the Evaluation Committee is submitted to the designated financial authority for approval. The approval limits at UDeCOTT are as follows:

Value of approval limit (VAT inclusive)

  • Chief Operation Officer – Up to $500,000
  • Chief Executive Officer – Up to $1,000,000
  • Tenders Committee – Up to $10,000,000
  • Board of Directors – Unlimited

In some instances, further approval may be required from the Client/End User.

Negotiation and award of contract

Upon receipt of the necessary approvals and where negotiation is deemed necessary, UDeCOTT will advise the Vendor of same in writing via the Secretary of the Tenders Committee. These negotiations are conducted by a multidisciplinary team. In the case of larger, more complex procurement, the negotiation team also includes Independent Consultants and/or a representative of the Client.

Where negotiations have been successful in achieving UDeCOTT’s requirements, a Letter of Award is issued to the Vendor advising of the award of contract, which award is made subject to the satisfactory completion of certain pre-contractual requirements as outlined in the Letter of Award, such as the provision of insurance documents, bonds, project programmes etc.

Upon award of contract, UDeCOTT will advise all unsuccessful proponents in writing that their quotations or proposals were not selected for an award of contract. Where a bid bond or tender security was submitted with the proposal, same will be released and returned to the financial institution and the proponent will be so advised.

Vendor performance management

UDeCOTT employs a robust Vendor Performance Management system in order to continuously assess Vendors’ performance in the provision of works, goods and/or services to the Corporation. The result of this assessment has a direct impact upon the Vendor’s pre-qualification status, as the initial ranking and scores of that Vendor are subject to modifications in accordance with the results of the said assessment.

UDeCOTT’s expectations of its Vendors and the Key Performance Indicators by which a Vendor will be assessed in relation to the performance of its contract with UDeCOTT are clearly outlined in the contract documents which are executed between UDeCOTT and the Vendor. UDeCOTT utilises an interactive and collaborative approach in the continuous monitoring and assessment of Vendor’s performance. Where a Vendor’s performance does not meet the required quality and standard of UDeCOTT’s expectations, opportunities for improvement within a specified period of time will be granted by UDeCOTT, failing which UDeCOTT will take the appropriate steps for termination of the Contract or removal from the prequalified database.