Project Listing

UDeCOTT’s mandate includes Project Management and the Corporation’s wide ranging project portfolio runs the gamut of Health; National Security; Heritage; Accommodation; Community Development/Culture and The Arts; Ports and Infrastructural; Tobago Projects; Sports and Recreation and Other Speciality Projects. Combined, these projects under management are in excess of TT$20 Billion worth of business.

 Over the years, UDeCOTT has been associated with the successful delivery of projects in all sectors. For the period 2016 to October 2019, these projects included:

  1.  Akbar Trace Community Centre
  2. Besson Street Police Station
  3. Blanchisseuse Community Centre
  4. Brian Lara Cricket Academy
  5. Carenage Fish Facility
  6. Carenage Homework Centre
  7. Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility
  8. Diego Martin Sporting Complex Phase 1
  9. Government Campus Plaza Fit Out
  10. Hope Anglican Primary School
  11. Las Cuevas Beach Facility
  12. Laventille Pool
  13. Maracas St. Joseph Police Station
  14. Maximum Security Prison Fence
  15. Hope Community Centre
  16. New Village Community Centre
  17. Patience Hill Government Primary School
  18. Pleasantville Community Centre
  19. Roxborough Administrative Complex
  20. San Fernando North Community Centre
  21. Shirvan Road Police Station
  22. Signal Hill Government Primary School
  23. Stollmeyer Castle
  24. St. Joseph Police Station
  25. Whim Anglican Primary School
  26. White Hall

The company intends to uphold its legacy of delivery and excellence and so, over the next year, the following construction projects have been earmarked for completion:

  1. Arima Community Centre
  2. Arima Hospital
  3. Bagatelle Community Centre
  4. Bon Air Community Centre
  5. Cantaro Community Centre
  6. Chickland Community Centre
  7. Diego Martin South Community Centre
  8. Indian Trail Community Centre
  9. La Pastora/Santa Cruz Community Centre
  10. Las Lomas #2 Community Centre
  11. Las Lomas Community Centre
  12. Maitagual (Petit Bourg) Community Centre
  13. Mahaica Sports Complex
  14. Maloney Pool
  15. Manzanilla Beach Facility
  16. Maracas Beach Facility
  17. Mille Fleurs
  18. Moruga Agro-Processing and Light Industrial Park
  19. Moruga Multipurpose Sporting Complex
  20. Morvant Pool
  21. Paramin Lookout
  22. Moriah Health Centre
  23. Penal Fire Station
  24. Point Fortin Hospital
  25. Port of Spain General Hospital Phase 1, 3 and 4
  26. President’s House
  27. Quarry Road Community Centre
  28. Quarry Village Community Centre
  29. Red House
  30. Relocation of Clico Offices
  31. Restoration of Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts (MCDCA) Building
  32. Roxborough Police Station
  33. St. Clair Police Station
  34. Tarodale Community Centre
  35. Tarouba Community Centre
  36. Techier Community Centre
  37. West Park Savannah

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