Community Engagement


The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (UDeCOTT) recognises the central and unique role that communities play in the success of its business and that inclusion and engagement, during the course of our projects’ life cycle, inclusive of proposal development, are important to building and sustaining long-term success. The company’s engagement activities in communities targeted for identified projects include public awareness sessions, consultations and seminars and target members of the respective community including residents, businesses, NGOs, community organisations and the public. UDeCOTT’s community engagement thrust is inclusive, transparent and provides opportunities for community members to explore, learn, review concepts, discuss ideas, be engaged in and contribute to an identified project. Such an approach ensures that:

  • Community members can have a real influence on project planning and delivery
  • Projects are high quality, valuable and appropriate and have a positive impact for stakeholders within the community
  • The creation and maintenance of community support, satisfaction and trust

UDeCOTT maintains its commitment to engage with communities as part of its project planning and decision making.