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Health, Safety, Security and the Environment


UDeCOTT values the health, safety and security of all its personnel as an important driver in our overall success. We are committed to carrying out our day to day activities with due consideration to health, safety and the prevention of accidents. The long-term success of UDeCOTT depends on our ability to proactively manage the health, safety and environmental aspects of our business. We remain committed to being vigilant in our recognition of hazards and our application of risk reduction strategies.

Everyone associated with UDeCOTT and its operations is not only empowered, but obligated to stop an unsafe act or correct an unsafe condition that places the health and safety of people at risk. To this end, UDeCOTT’s Board and Management remains committed to:

  • Facilitating and promoting an environment where the health and safety of people and protection of the environment are valued as the moral compass of the organization
  • Training, as a key element of job competence and accident prevention
  • Maintaining respectful compliance to all applicable laws and where possible implementing best practice to go above and beyond local regulations
  • Ensuring integrity of our assets through professional operations and sound maintenance practices
  • Identifying operational hazards and managing the risks to a level that ensures integrity of the operation and safety of people
  • Encouraging our employees, contractors, vendors and all stakeholders to develop safe work habits and reject at-risk behaviors or practices
  • Assessing and reviewing our HSSE performance regularly in an attempt to drive continuous improvement
  • The investigation of all incidents and non-conformances identified by our employees, contractors, vendors and all stakeholders and clients so as to discover root cause and prevent recurrence