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Our Strategy

In October 2015, a new Board of Directors accepted the charge to ensure that UDeCOTT heightens its contribution in creating an urban landscape for the enrichment and enjoyment of all citizens of and visitors to Trinidad and Tobago. As the Organisation moves forward in an era marked by changing economic times and the need for long term and sustainable planning and development, the Board approved a Strategic Plan for the period 2016 to 2020.


We will achieve our vision and live our mission by focusing on three strategic themes or key results areas:

Key Focus Area 1:


The overall goal of Operational Excellence is to improve UDeCOTT’s capability to better utilise its resources and deliver services to its customers in the most cost-effective manner possible, while still ensuring the high quality of services and support.

UDeCOTT will significantly improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by addressing five main objectives:

  • Improve policies, processes and delivery
  • Enhance talent management
  • Enhance information management and communications effectiveness
  • Enhance physical space and tools
  • Improve cost efficiencies and revenue generation


Key Focus Area 2:


The overall goal of Business Expansion is to increase the level of business in traditional areas and expand the areas of UDeCOTT’s business operations into new areas of growth.

UDeCOTT will significantly expand its business by addressing two main objectives:

  • Introduce new areas of focus/Increase new revenue streams
  • Improve business development mechanism

Key Focus Area 3:


The overall goal of this strategic area is to drive sustained urban development across Trinidad and Tobago through proactive planning and the development of sustained financing resources.

UDeCOTT will significantly improve Urban Development by addressing four main objectives:

  • Expand funding methodologies/Improve investment and attractiveness
  • Increase brand equity
  • Improve industry and market engagement and communication
  • Increase influence on economic development policy

We expect the accomplishment of the objectives and initiatives in the Plan to manifest itself in a more focused, transparent and efficient organisation standing at the “zenith of innovative, service driven self-sustaining urban development and management, igniting and inspiring our national, regional and global communities.”

UDeCOTT has implemented a series of mechanisms to ensure regular ongoing assessment, monitoring and evaluation of the progress of the Plan.