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UDeCOTT was mandated to Project Manage the construction and in a few instances refurbishment of Community Centres across the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago.

This latest wave of infrastructure development, focused on the crux of immediate, dire community needs, with a view to expanding talent margins of the people, hence fueling entrepreneurial growth, empowering men, women and the youth, to tap previously uncharted pools of self-discovery and development.

The Government in a direct bid to foster and spur business expansion, targeted community-wide, independent, business class growth. “Provide the tools for training and you give new generations of business folk, wings to fly and explore horizons” – was the thinking behind this move.

Furthermore, it is a mechanism to get unemployed youth off the streets and move to enhance their skills, giving them a fighting chance at success, with less time to be idle, via more focused-driven and productive activities.

The first phase of construction and refurbishment, covered 24 Centres and that figure grew to include 27 more, in a second phase, bringing them to a total of 51 Community Centres.

These modern Community Centres far surpass services offered in the older-modelled Centres and feature:

  • Training Kitchens for the Culinary Arts
  • Computer Rooms for the latest Courses in technology driven studies
  • Classrooms which also transform into Home Work Centres for the Children of Mothers and Fathers who are engaged in Course Training at the Centres
  • Auditoriums with Stage, Lighting, Seating and Sound Systems for Theatre Arts Training and Performance, doubled as a rental space for hosting events, which feeds money back into the upkeep of the Centre
  • Male and Female Dressing Rooms
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Washrooms
  • Access for the Differently-Abled
  • Security Booths
  • Car Parks

List of Community Centres:


  1. Ackbar Trace
  2. Arima
  3. Bagatelle
  4. Belle Vue
  5. Belmont
  6. Blanchisseuse
  7. Bon Air South
  8. Febeau
  9. Caiman
  10. Cantaro
  11. Chickland
  12. Diego Martin North
  13. Diego Martin South
  14. Diego Martin Central
  15. Indian Trail
  16. La Lune
  17. La Pastora/Santa Cruz
  18. Las Lomas #2
  19. Lisa Gardens
  20. Mt. Hope / Mt. Lambert
  21. Maitagual (Petit Bourg)
  22. Maraval
  23. New Village
  24. Pleasantville
  25. Quarry Road, Petit Valley
  26. Quarry Village
  27. San Fernando North
  28. Tacarigua
  29. Tarouba
  30. Tarodale
  31. Techier


  1. Beausejour
  2. Buenos Ayres
  3. Cascade
  4. Corinth Hills
  5. Edinburgh 500
  6. El Socorro
  7. Enterprise
  8. Greenvale
  9. Harmony Hall
  10. La Brea
  11. La Horquetta
  12. Las Cuevas
  13. Maracas Bay
  14. Olera Heights
  15. Oropune
  16. Pelican Extension
  17. Shende
  18. Surrey
  19. Trincity
  20. Wallerfield