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Leaking Excavator removed from the Academy for the Performing Arts, Port-of-Spain site

Contact: Corporate Communications Unit, 627-0083

September 17, 2009

The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT), wishes to advise the public that the excavator which experienced a gear oil leak at the Academy for the Performing Arts, Port of Spain was today removed from the site.

Officials from the Environmental Management Authority visited the site on Wednesday September 16, 2009 and made a recommendation to the contractor that the faulty excavator be removed from the site and that the contractor employ a professional environmental company to remove any contaminated soil, so as to eliminate any possibility of the reoccurrence of odours.

The excavator which is owned by a local sub-contractor was removed from the site today in the early afternoon and environmental measures have been taken.

UDeCOTT apologises to all whom were affected and for any inconvenience caused.

UDeCOTT is developing the structures that form part of the innovation for lasting
prosperity; the development plan of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.