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Questions on Real Springs Housing Development

Contact: Corporate Communications Unit, 627-0083

May 6, 2008

As requested by CNC 3


  1. Can UDECOTT say whether it is the project manager and financier of the NUGFW housing project at Real Springs Valsayn?
  2. Can the company say who the main contractor is and how was the contractor selected?
  3. Can UDECOTT say what the cost of the units will be and what is the level of cost over run.
  4. How many projects that are managed by UDECOTT is Karamath involved it?

Curtis Williams

Executive Producer



The Real Springs Housing Development is one of the projects under UDeCOTT’s purview. As with many of our projects, UDeCOTT acts in the role of developer/project manager for this project.

Real SpringSprings is a design/build proposal being undertaken by Hafeez Karamath Limited. In accordance with the design/build methodology there are no cost over-runs on this project.

Hafeez Karamath is currently involved in the Brian Lara Cricket Academy and the Real Springs Projects.

The Real Springs Project involves the design and construction of 42 single family units, 78 townhouse units and 288 multi-storey apartments.

UDeCOTT is developing the structures that form part of the innovation for lasting
prosperity; the development plan of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.