Report is False and Mischievous;UDeCOTT Does Not Have a Church Project

Contact: Corporate Communications, 627-0083

February 24, 2010

Port of Spain, Trinidad

The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) refutes spurious allegations which were carried in the local media, that the Corporation is involved in the construction of a church in the Heights of Guanapo. The church being constructed at the Heights of Guanapo is not a UDeCOTT project.

  • There has never been any contract between UDeCOTT and any party, for design, engineering and construction works for the project in question.
  • UDeCOTT also states for the record, that it has not received any directive from Government to build or develop a church, nor has it been contracted by any party to carry out design or construction works on a church in the Heights of Guanapo.
  • UDeCOTT categorically denies erroneous reports that it hired two local firms to do designs and engineering works related to the construction of the church mentioned, as was reported during the 7pm nightly newscast of a local television station on Tuesday 23rd February 2010. The erroneous report was repeated in a local daily newspaper.

UDeCOTT has repeatedly denied any role or involvement in this project and calls on media houses to act responsibly by relying on facts and credible sources in the pursuit of the truth.

UDeCOTT’s attorneys are reviewing the current news reports in light of this latest wave of mischievous accusations.


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