UDeCOTT: Concerns of the Femmes Du Chalet Being Addressed

Meeting Held with Manager of Breakfast Shed Yesterday

Contact: UDeCOTT Corporate Communications – 627-0083

November 2, 2006:The Urban Development Corporation Of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, UDeCOTT, was taken aback by reports in the media alleging lack of action to address concerns about the new Breakfast Shed Facility (Femmes Du Chalet). These reports were published less than 24 hours after UDeCOTT, contractors and Femmes Du Chalet Manager, Helen Rostant, toured the facility and tested a new blind system (on test) designed to address the complaints of rain negatively affecting the facility. “Yesterday, the Femmes Du Chalet Cooperative Society approved the new blind system,” said Helen Rostant of the Femmes Du Chalet Cooperative Society, “We have met with the contractors and UDeCOTT and are confident our issues will be addressed.”

On the rental issue, UDeCOTT is also surprised at the statements printed in the media. UDeCOTT has adhered to the rental rates for vendors as suggested by the Femmes Du Chalet Cooperative Society as agreed prior to the opening of the facility.

During the tour of the facility it became clear that some of the problems experienced by the vendors of the Femmes Du Chalet are a direct result of apparent misuse. To ensure this does not happen in the future, UDeCOTT and its consultants on the project have continued to interact with the vendors and a non-technical guide for use is being compiled for distribution to current and future vendors at the Femmes Du Chalet. Contractor and project management firms on the site verify that the concerns published in the media about plumbing and cabinetry being below standard are unfounded.

The rain prevention system is expected to be installed at the facility within the next few weeks.

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