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UDeCOTT: Local Paint Used on Interiors of International Waterfront Centre

Contact: UDeCOTT Corporate Communications – 627 0083

June 15, 2007:The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (UDeCOTT) is pleased to report that local paint is being used on the majority of interiors for the International Waterfront Centre under construction on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

“Our contractor at the International Waterfront Centre has confirmed that most internal paints are from a variety of local paint manufacturers,” say UDeCOTT officials.

Despite claims by paint manufacturers that local paints and suppliers were not being used for the International Waterfront Centre, Bouguyes Battiment Trinidad and Tobago Limited, contractor on the design build project, assures the only “foreign” paint being used is to be found on the small yellow fa├žade of the office towers. “This specialty “Durabond” paint is ultraviolet, weatherproof and moisture proof and is not available locally in the quality needed for the project,” say the contractors on the project.

“It is unfortunate so may trumped up, unfounded allegations are being made to attempt to tarnish the excellent progress on this project,” says UDeCOTT Executive Chairman Calder Hart. “The fact is the International Waterfront Project is on time, on budget, being built by 85% local labour, has benefited local companies (including paint suppliers) and will indeed offer immeasurable benefits to the people of Trinidad and Tobago long after the cranes are dismantled and construction equipment cleared from what will be one of Port of Spain’s most modern and user friendly projects.”

The Hyatt Regency Hotel at the POS International Waterfront Centre will open its doors in December 2007 with the entire waterfront facility being handed over in 2008.

UDeCOTT is developing the structures that form part of the innovation for lasting
prosperity; the development plan of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.