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UDeCOTT: Report on Accident at Government Campus Site

Contact: Corporate Communications Unit, 627-0083

January 30, 2008:Following the information we have received at approximately 2:45pm Tuesday 29th January 2008, Mr. Xia Teck Uon a 38 year old Chinese construction worker with Sunway Construction Caribbean Limited- Lead contractor on the Ministry of Legal Affairs tower, fell from the mezzanine floor at the Government Campus Plaza.


  1. Mr. Uon was preparing the necessary pre-concrete arrangements for a cement pour on PK6 – Ministry of Legal Affairs tower stairway, which was scheduled at 3:00 pm. His exact location was on the Mezzanine floor Zone B, GL, 14-15, A-B.
  2. The worker was descending the two frame height scaffolding when he slipped hitting the parapet wall and fell to the ground floor approximately 5 meters below.
  3. The Safety Manager from Sunway immediately contacted the medical team who was on the site minutes after the incident and Mr. Uon was taken via ambulance to the Port of Spain General Hospital. Early reports suggested that Mr. Uon had sustained serious head injuries; reports late that evening confirmed that Mr. Uon was unconscious but stable and undergoing medical procedures.
  4. Despite a dedicated attempt to stabilize Mr. Uon he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 10:20 pm at the Port of Spain General Hospital.
  5. UDeCOTT has requested detailed reports from the project manager- Turner Alpha and the contractor- Sunway Construction Caribbean on the incident and is meeting with both parties today to immediately review the measures that are being immediately implemented to ensure that same does not occur.
  6. The Contractor has contacted the family of the deceased, who will be flown into to Trinidad. As well as, bereavement counsellors have been meeting with the workers affected by the incident.
  7. Additional reports will be issued when they become available.


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